STEM Education in Victoria



“Significant changes in Victoria’s economy mean there is a greater need for STEM capabilities than ever before. Our employers are increasingly looking for workers who are creative problem solvers, innovative and critical thinkers, and able to use new technologies. “


“In the Education State, we know it is vital to equip Victorian learners – of all ages and backgrounds – with the STEM skills and capabilities they need now, and for the future. We want to ensure Victorians can participate in high quality and engaging STEM learning experiences, with access to leading-edge resources and excellent teaching.”


“For Victorians, STEM can offer some amazing learning opportunities and a wide array of rewarding careers. Ensuring our learners are well-equipped with STEM skills and knowledge – and have the confidence and enthusiasm to use them – will help to secure Victoria’s future as a competitive, innovative and vibrant economy. “

STEM Education in Victoria


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