Coding for a 21st century jousting tournament

An engaging coding lesson for primary students to learn about event driven coding using Dash and Dot robots. In groups, students discuss which user actions to cater for in their program and write code to make Dash respond accordingly.

If time permits, include a design element into the lesson by getting the groups to decide on the best placement for their balloons and jousting sticks.  It then becomes a game of strategy to become the last robot standing with balloon intact.

Finish the lesson with the jousting tournament where the student audience is in complete control of the 21st century combatants in the battlebot arena. An engaging way for the students to test their event driven coding and design skills. A 2nd round of the tournament provides the students a chance to modify their code or design based on how their robot performed in the 1st round. Discovering by Doing.

The popping of the balloons are loud, the children’s excited squeals and cheering is louder still. They will enjoy developing their computational thinking skills in a collaborative environment and want to come back for more.


What some of the children think about Dash & Dot:

5/6 EM These past couple of weeks we have been working with these amazing robots. These robots were an amazing experience and we would love to have them for next year. By Chloe, Lucy, Audrey & Eve.

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about and use the robots in Digital Technologies. The Dash and Dot robots that we’ve been using are controlled by a coding app called Blockly. We have all enjoyed learning about and using Dash and Dot and we’ve had a blast! By Jensen, Ryan, Lachie, Daniel K & Noah

5/6 NM We really enjoyed using Dash and Dot. we really liked how we could come to robotics class every week and learn new skills about coding and Cyber Safety. We worked well in our group and learnt lots about how to use Dash and Dot. We can really see our progress. By Bridget, Rebecca and Will.

We liked the fact that we could script it with ease. We also liked the fact that we could make Dash and Dot have a conversation. We also liked to see how Dash and Dot worked. By Thomas F, Ollie, Geoffrey & Xavier.

5/6 CH Our team thought the robots encouraged us to learn more about ICT. Our group also liked working with the robots because we liked doing coding on the iPads. By Hannah, Scarlett, Annabelle & Laura

I loved how we get to program them and we found it cool that they can listen to our every touch. I liked how cute the robots are and easy to use. By Sarah, Bettina, Claudia, Pip & Brigitte.

5/6 KK We really enjoyed using Dash and Dot in Digital Technologies. Dash and Dot are two blue robots, which we (as a group) have been coding, to complete the levels on the cards. It has been so much fun coding with Dash and Dot and learning about coding. On our app we’ve been able to get them to talk, dance and move around the library. The robots have been a great way to learn how to code, but through a fun, different perspective. Thank you! By Eliza, Liv, Grace, Bella and Abbey.

3/4SB This term we have been programming the robots Dash and Dot to do fun and challenging things. We have been using challenge cards to program Dash and Dot. We have learnt a lot from them. Both Dash and Dot are made of spheres and each one has a big, cute eye. Dash and Dot were great fun to program. We could make their eyes light up or make Dash race! Our opinion is that Dash and Dot were really fun to program! By Chelsea & Tallulah

3/4 LY The spectacular Dash and Dot have involved a fun learning experience for primary students. It’s a fun educational program to help kids learn about coding. Digital Technologies has helped us to learn about electronics. The robots have lots of features to help us learn in fun way, such as disco dancing, sound effects, eye movements as well as moving. By Coco & Emily K

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