Halloween for Dash & Dot

How to custom fit a Halloween costume.

3D scan Dash & Dot to get a 3 dimensional digital model of the robots. Save the file(s) for later use.Dash3D

Design your Halloween pumpkin in your favourite 3D design software.


With the pumpkin model open, import the Dash/Dot 3D image and position the head inside the pumpkin model.

Use your 3D software to subtract, or Boolean cut, the Dash/Dot image from the pumpkin model to hollow it out with the exact shape of Dash’s head.


Delete the scanned Dash image to leave the hollowed out pumpkin.

Carve out a spooky face with your 3D design software. Cut some holes so you can still use the buttons on Dash.


In the 3D design software, slice the model in two (so you can fit around Dash’s head) and export both halves for 3D printing.


Print them out and give them a paint ready for Halloween.




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