Similar to the Bee-Bots at many schools, Blue-Bots with TacTile readers introduce younger students to programming in a fun and engaging way. Program the Blue-Bot via the on board buttons (same as Bee-Bot) or insert the supplied command tiles into the TacTile reader in the desired order, using computational thinking processes, to make a program sequence. Press a button to run the program and the instructions are run remotely via a Bluetooth connection to the Blue-Bot. This introduces the children to programming concepts without the need of a computer or complicated setup steps. Blue-Bots can also be programmed remotely via Bluetooth enabled iPads for students who are comfortable with the technology.

Blue-Bots with TacTile readers provide a stepped progression learning model for the younger children of all capabilities. A great introduction to programming concepts that can be used across many curriculum areas including Mathematics and English.

Coding Blue-Bots

Rental price $180 per week for 6 Blue Bots,  TactTiles, 3 TactTile readers, charging station, early numbers mat, transparent mat and cards. Discounts for longer rental periods.

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