Coding Blue-Bots

Coding Blue-Bots can be as simple as pressing the directional buttons on top of the robot to get the robot to follow the instructions as described. This is a great introduction to sequences for young primary students. Adding Tactile readers and tiles to the Blue-Bots engages children on another level as they wirelessly send instructions to the Blue-Bots by placing the command tiles in the reader in the desired order. Further programming concepts can be developed with the aid of loop statements (tiles) to simplify code. Code sequences can be extended by simply connecting the Tactile readers together via supplied USB cable to process more complex programs.

Blue-Bots can also be programmed via the free Blue-Bot application. Once opened, the software will prompt you to select a mat for the background with a grid for guidance of movement. Then select the mode to operate in, Explore or Challenge. Challenge mode sets out a range of activities to complete with guided instructions. Explore mode enables a range of options where children can get the robot to move after each screen button is pressed, or store a sequence of instructions to be run consecutively on command. See the robot respond on the screen and in real life simultaneously.

Blue-Bot app with instruction sequence (left hand side) to get from Melbourne to Europe.

Blue-Bot Sequence Coding