Coding Sphero SPRK+

Sphero SPRK+ is programmed via the free Sphero Edu app available to download from the App store, Google Play or the Chrome Web Store.

The robot can be controlled by younger students by simply drawing coloured lines for the robot to follow and change colours to match your program.

The next level up is to program the robot with the visual block based drag and drop program that many students are already familiar with. Here, you can write programs to control speed, colours, distance, angles, orientation, velocity and more. Learn about loops, variables, events, conditional statements and functions. As simple as you like or as complex as you could imagine. Convert your block based code into text based javascript code at the touch of a button, a great way to learn the structure of javascript coding (a common programming tool used extensively on the Internet).

Upper primary and secondary students may prefer to write straight javascript code and even use the Sphero API to write their own mobile app for the SPRK+ robot.

Within the Sphero Edu app, there are hundreds of programs and tutorials available to guide you through how to operate the robot, code loops, conditional statements, variables and the like. The tutorials have an explanation of the project, applicable age group, duration, setup instructions for before class, a video of the program running as well videos of the steps required (with explanations) to program the robot. There are also many community based projects uploaded with instructions and code available to run on your robot. These programs can simply be copied and amended to suit your requirements.

Example Sphero Edu Block Code and JavaScript conversion.