Teaching students to code is made easier with robotics. Children are more determined to find solutions to problems in an engaging collaborative environment with instant robot feedback to the students’ programs. Robotics products come with project lessons to guide the students through the fundamental programming concepts at a pace suitable for their age and skill level.

Students start by learning basic coding sequences, incorporate loops to simplify their code, code event logic to make the robots respond to their environment, add conditional statements to run the applicable code in specific circumstances, incorporate functions to simplify code by abstraction and use variables to store data for use in the program at any time.

The applications used to program the robots guide the users through each stage which builds confidence and competence quickly. The majority of the applications use a block based drag and drop programming interface which is easy to learn and use. The programs are very intuitive ensuring a teacher would become comfortable in being able to deliver the provided robotics programming lessons in a short timeframe. Ample guided instructions are available to help you along the way and STEMshare staff are available for troubleshooting and guidance if required.

Once the basic fundamental coding concepts are grasped, the projects can be further developed with more complex algorithms, limited only by your and your students’ imaginations.

No matter which programming language or robot used, the skills developed in the  computational, critical and analytical thinking processes will form a sound base for the students to build on in future years, for all subjects and many purposes.

Further details on the specific coding applications for each product are listed below.