littleBits is a series of electronic colour coded building blocks designed to simplify the  complexities of electronics. With a magnetic snap together joining system, cleverly designed to ensure each building block can only be joined one way, it provides a simple yet effective way to get the children inventing from not only day 1, but minute 1. As simple as you like and as complex as you can imagine, hours of fun learning for everyone.


Snap together building blocks to increase the light as the room gets dark. Sound an alarm when sun rises, feed the cat and fish automatically by sending an email while you are away on holidays. Turn the air-conditioning on before you get home via a text message. Internet of Things (IOT) is here, what will you invent? Get creative with hundreds of bits and millions of possibilities. Learn to invent and then invent to learn, discovering by doing.

Rental price $250 per week for 8 sets of 20 of the most popular littleBits modules together with batteries, adapters, mounting boards, 3 CloudBit sets, Bit description cards with example circuits to make, a littleBits Educator’s Guide and a book with hundreds of examples and explanations to keep you busy. Discounts for longer periods.

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