Sphero SPRK+


Sphero SPRK+ is a spherical robot controlled by a smartphone app or iPad to teach students the basics of coding in a fun way.

Create an obstacle course and get the students to design a program to navigate it.  Rework the program based on learnings from earlier attempts to master the workings of the Sphero. Or control the Sphero by the inbuilt drive function.

Waterproof and scratch resistant.

Control speed, direction, sounds and LED lights.

Coding similar to the familiar block based Scratch programming which is easy for the younger children to learn. Ability to see your own block based code written as JavaScript code which is a great way of developing the student’s confidence with text based coding programs.

Beginners can start off by just drawing lines for SPRK+ to follow and when comfortable,  try their hand at block coding. Caters for all capability levels, keeping them engaged.

Advanced users can code directly with JavaScript. Sensor data from an experiment can be viewed easily on an inbuilt graph, or download csv data to analyse in your favourite software.

On board sensors detect acceleration, angle, horizontal and vertical velocity.

Working coding examples of loops, conditions, variables etc, with plenty of science and maths activities to follow via the Sphero Edu App.

Rental price $160 per week for 12 units (2 students per unit). Discounts for longer rental periods.

See more at http://www.sphero.com/sprk-plus

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