WeDo 2.0

WeDo2The Lego WeDo 2.0 product introduces robotics and coding to children in the 7 to 11 age group. WeDo 2.0 is an engaging, hands on way to begin to develop collaboration, creative, critical and computational thinking skills by combining the familiar Lego blocks creativity with robotics motors, sensors and a simple to use programming language. Lego WeDo 2.0 can also be connected to Scratch via Bluetooth in order to use a programming language the children are more familiar with.

There are various projects included in the WeDo 2.0 software, from prescriptive science and computational thinking projects to open ended projects designed to foster the critical problem solving skills so beneficial for the years ahead. The library is filled with instructions to build and program each model type, together with similar design types and programs for inspiration further development. Each project has 3 phases, Explore – to discuss, Create – to build/test and Share – to document and explain their findings.

An eLearning program is available from the Lego Education website for teachers to follow and gain the confidence to implement WeDo 2.0 into the classroom.

Lego Education has free PDF documents which match Strands, Content Descriptions and Elaborations of the Australian Curriculum to LEGO Education activities. Also available are teachers’ guides to help plan the lessons and assessment forms to track each child’s progress against specific phases of each project.

Each WeDo 2.0 set requires software loaded onto a device for access to the programming functionality and connects to the WeDo 2.0 smarthub via Bluetooth only. A list of compatible devices is found here:-

Device Compatibility List

The product is simple enough for any teacher to be comfortable with in a very short timeframe and there are many resources available to help along the way.

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Coding WeDo 2.0

Rental price $300 per week for 13 units (2 students per unit). Discounts for longer rental periods.